About Flavorwocky

This application models ingredient pairs or flavor affinities and was my entry for the Neo4j Heroku Challenge.

Why Flavorwocky? Well, I said "what should I call the app?", and my husband said "jabberwocky". It couldn't be called Jabberwocky of course, so behold- Flavorwocky.

The first version used Grails 2.0 and the Neo4j add-on for Heroku to provide a basic template for anyone who wants to get up and running with Grails and Neo4j on Heroku. The neat visualization is thanks to the D3.js library.
Now in it's second version, Flavorwocky is built using Spring Data Neo4j 4.

A graph is a good fit for this domain, so, using Neo4j, we model the way ingredients in a great dish pair together based on their flavor affinity.
The current version of this app captures flavor pairings and how well ingredients pair together, and then allows one to search by ingredient and view complementary combinations. Needless to say, this just scratches the surface of the possible features for an app like this.

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-Luanne Misquitta